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Shortening programme at MOM Onboard centre

By August 28, 2023No Comments

Announcement for all Business owners and Employers:

Non-Malaysian Work Permit holders in the Construction, Marine Shipyard and Process (CMP) sectors and holding an in-principle approval (IPA) will undergo residential onboarding programme at MOM’s Onboard centre.

MOM has revised the Onboard programme to a standard 3 days in length for all workers.

With effect from 23 Aug 2023, workers will no longer need to stay a 4th day at the Onboard centre, even if they need vaccination. MOM have reviewed their processes, to provide workers with the vaccination without the need for longer stay:
(a)          Workers who have digitally verifiable (“DVC”) overseas vaccination records will be vaccinated on Day 2 of the programme; 
(b)          Workers who need serology blood tests (because they do not have DVC vaccination records) will be vaccinated on Day 3. 

As a result of the above, all employers will now be able to pick up their workers from the Onboard centre on Day 3. 

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