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New Singapore Work Permit Rules: Accommodation Proof Mandatory for CMP Employers from 19 September 2023

By February 7, 2024No Comments

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) introduced the pre-entry process for employers in the Construction, Marine Shipyard and Process (CMP) sectors on 19 September 2023. Employers are required to provide proof of acceptable accommodation before they are allowed to bring their new non-Malaysian CMP Work Permit Holders into Singapore. This is to ensure that workers have access to proper housing while in Singapore.

Companies placing CMP workers are reminded to factor the time needed for the checks into their recruitment plans and fulfil the following requirements before they make arrangements for their non-Malaysian CMP workers to enter Singapore.

1. Ensure the worker has a valid in-principle approval (IPA) before submitting proof of acceptable accommodation. Examples of documentary proof include tenancy/rental agreements, contracts with accommodation providers or email correspondences confirming bed reservations.

2. Submit the proof of acceptable accommodation using the online form. Processing time may take up to 6 weeks or longer, depending on the housing type.

3. Only after the employer(s) receive approval for the housing check, should they book an Onboard centre slot for non-Malaysian CMP workers.

Employers are reminded to adhere to the abovementioned procedures and not to book any flights and bookings at the onboard centre for foreign workers until they have obtained the pre-entry housing check approval letters from MOM. 

For more information on pre-entry housing checks, please refer to the MOM website via this link

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